You can run games with a mobile graphics revolution

v3 - You can run games with a mobile graphics revolution

Mobile graphics revolution Since Apple opened the App Store in 2008, serving player needs has become increasingly important to mobile device manufacturers. Although the iPhone was not primarily designed for gaming, they soon mastered the best-selling app lists, a pattern that was copied on Android devices and appears to play on Windows phones. Qualcomm, aRead More

How mobile technology has changed the gaming industry

r1 - How mobile technology has changed the gaming industry

While young people on Xbox may have a hard time believing games are not new. It has been around for a long time and those who are a little older remember everything from jumping over ropes to pinball. But perhaps the most important way the gaming industry has evolved in recent years is the effectsRead More

Beacon Technology your future for developing mobile apps


Beacon technology is becoming popular with the mobile app’s technology trends. The technology has made it a way to connect users to services or retailers through their location. The technology is used by sectors such as hotels, healthcare, retailers, etc. If your hotel has a beacon technology installer, cartilage users crossing the hotel will receiveRead More

How will AR and VR affect future trends in the mobile app?


The AR or VR popularity of the gaming industry is already growing. Games like Pokemon Go are great examples. AR and VR are also used in the fashion industry. It’s a great thing for users looking at nails or ice eye for a digital copy using AR. The learning industry uses VR for various specialties,Read More

What are these new trends in mobile app development?


In the third quarter of 2020, 2.87 million Androids and 1.96 million iOs devices were found in Statfølgeista’s research-friendly store. So it’s clear that competition is growing, and to stand out you need a sterk plan. To make a plan, stay out of step with the latest software trends. I’ll see you anyway. Artificial intelligenceRead More

Top 3 Mobile App Development Technologies


More than a third of the world’s population is under decommissioning. South Africa, for example, was closed for 21 days. New Zealand imposed a 14-day quarantine on all persons in the country. The UK was completely closed on 23 March 2020. In a similarly surreal situasjon, it is important for bankers, which can include seamlessRead More

Test IoT in mind


Since wearables can become an indispensable part of our lives, 2020 mobile testing trends can reflect this use of IoT. However, it presents new challenges for testing mobile apps when many IoT devices and portable devices sync with smartphones. Problem number one is whitefish, but tests of reliability and funk ionity do not continue withRead More

What are the best mobile testing trends of 2020?

h3 - What are the best mobile testing trends of 2020?

It was time to automate. If you installed your test processor automatically in 2020 is for the most important time as crust. According to world quality report 2019 you are a test of utomasjon limited use one of the critical bottlenecks in quality assurance. Moreover, in circumstances where it is necessary to enter the marketRead More

12 Simple Ways to Regulate your Children’s Use of Technology

Blog9 1170x550 - 12 Simple Ways to Regulate your Children’s Use of Technology

Children today are born in a world where technology plays a vital role in people’s lives. Technology has improved business, education, entertainment, and healthcare, among others and innovation will continue to aid people in living and working more efficiently and productively. With this, the children will grow with knowledge about computers, TV, smartphones, and theRead More

Mobile on the Rise: The World’s Greatest Mobile Tech Conventions and Conferences

mobile world congress

Let’s face it: mobile is the future. Apple’s iPhone 8+ and X have built-in, dedicated machine learning and artificial intelligence engines, Google is implementing neural networks for on-the-go language translation, and almost 60% of online shopping is now done via mobile. With all of this pointing towards an increasingly mobile future, professionals of all stripesRead More